Deciding on Which Luxury Real Estate Agent to Hire?

How to Hire the Perfect Luxury Real Estate Agent For Your Needs

How do you decide on the best luxury real estate agent to help you buy a new home or sell your luxury home? Definitely, the choice of luxury real estate agents should not be based on who has the biggest billboard in the city or who claims to have sold over a thousand luxury homes as that does not equate having the right person for the job.

It is important to note that the most critical part of the real estate transaction falls on the agent and to make a success of it, you need the right individual who can provide informed insights and unique experiences.


The luxury real estate agent should also be someone who helps you to shoulder most of the responsibility for the purchase or sale of the property. You must also be able to form a semblance of a professional relationship as well as build understanding with the luxury real estate agent so that your needs and wants can be understood and met.  The following are tips on how to choose the best agent:


Your real estate agent should be someone who is amenable, not rigid,  approachable and has a fun persona. Someone that exudes the preceding characteristics is easy to get along with and knows how to understand your mood.

You do not need someone that is too set in his or her ways or fails to listen to what you have to say regarding your requirements on the sale or purchase of your luxury property. When making a selection amongst the pool of luxury real estate agents, it is best to approach it as a job interview as you are committing your hopes and aspirations to someone and the person you choose must convey trustworthy traits and be able to easily adapt.


To be practical, the luxury real estate agents who have quite a number of years on their belt may have the advantage of experience but still, expertise is something you need to learn and a newbie can also offer that. So when searching for luxury agent prospects, the knowledge and information the person is able to bring to the table are most important. The individual should understand the intricacies of the local market, be well versed in pricing homes, have an idea of the sales price ratio and be detail oriented.

Effective Communicator

Your luxury real estate agent should be one who has strong communication skills and makes themselves easily available to you. The transactions you hope to engage in are on the luxurious end and they involve being able to make quick and snappy decisions and to do that, you need your real estate agent o be on hand to liaise with whosoever the other party is on your behalf.

Therefore, the agent must be one who responds to email quickly, picks up your calls, passes across relevant information and updates you on the progress of transactions you are involved in.

Why You Should Hire a Property Management Company

Although it is quite normal for an owner to desire to oversee all aspects of his or her property, the truth still remains that even well-meaning intentions have to give way to reality and here is why:


As the owner of a property, the first thing that has to be considered is if traveling back and forth between your place of residence and the rental property (or properties) is quite convenient especially if there are emergency situations. The distance involved can serve as a propellant towards hiring a property management company.

As a home owner renting out your home, you never know when certain situations may arise on being able to travel on such notice is needed in other to maintain the upkeep of the property because the reality still remains that in certain situations, time is of the essence and a long distance can be troublesome.

Going by popular belief, according to practical real estate assessments, if the amount of time taken to reach one’s property exceeds a minimum of four hours, then it is time to reconsider hiring a property management company.

Furthermore, time is money. Why waste your valuable time in menial tasks when you can hire someone to do it for you and still earn passive income?!


The expert knowledge required

The maintenance of a property is no small job and most times, it requires having knowledge about certain tools and conditions and this can also require patience and time to rectify especially if there are repairs to be made.

Sometimes, when investing in a property, the concept of property management is not fully envisioned yet as all efforts are directed towards acquiring the property and nothing else. Trust us, we know from experience. When I bought my first country house I was so overjoyed by all the future adventures I had planned. I hadn’t thought about what I would do with the house once I was back at my primary home. Now I know better and have hired property management companies to do all the base work for me.

At the beginning, having a base knowledge of repairs is enough to get you through certain situations but if this is not rectified, the property can start falling apart. Getting assistance from a property management company does not mean the full reins of the property have to be handed over to them. It just means, you get to decide the amount of responsibility you want to shoulder.

The condition of the property

Being the owner of a property means that a majority of your time has to be dedicated towards its upkeep which means that more often than not you find yourselves being called upon to resolve issues. For landlords of properties, the condition of the property should matter as this affects the income received on it and unless you have sufficient funds to get a well-maintained property, the likelihood of purchasing a property that needs a lot of repairs is higher.

The truth remains that even with intentions to manage the property as well as go on acquiring different properties you cannot as they both demand a lot of time and commitment so priorities have to be set right. The decision on whether to hire a property management company should be based on long term goals and what matters most so letting emotions dictate actions defeats the purpose.

Other commitments

As humans, even when trying to fend for ourselves, there are still other obligations that need to be seen to. This can be from family time, social life, society meetings etc. Sometimes, property management might mean having to sacrifice the time meant for these commitments and this might affect relationships.


Luxury Country House Living

Luxury country living means different things to different people. If a survey were to be conducted and individuals asked the question of what they consider to be country living, their responses would vary. This is due to the fact that the human psyche processes knowledge in different ways and what might be viewed in a certain way be an individual might be viewed another way by a different individual. For some people, country living is all about the house, others might say it is about the location and the remainder might consider it to be about the people.

When luxury country living is viewed as being about the house, it entails a log floor home with a rustic appearance. When viewed as a location, it is all about getting away from the city for long weekends or vacations away from the hustle and bustle of the city or setting down roots permanently in a close to nature environment.

The different views of country living add to the large variety of country house plans. The style and location of the house are not the only things different about living in the country. The type of music listened to is different, the style in which cooking is done, and country talk and mediums of relaxation are also different. Country living in its entirety is more laid back than that of the city; its pace is a major reason why most people choose to have vacation spots there.

For those who love the outdoors but do not have enough time to enjoy them owing to the fact that their job has them living in the city during working days, then it would be wise to invest in  vacation home close to the country side where the outdoors are embraced. There are a lot of locations in the United States offering the delights of the outdoors with the less concentrated areas boasting of this.

They are:

Aspen, Colorado

The rugged trails and mountains of Colorado should be the dream of any outdoor enthusiast. Walking the trails or trying your hand at mountain climbing are some of the good attractions when it comes to vacation home locations with outdoor proximity. These beautiful homes offer a luxurious environment for seasonal homes.

If water sports are your thing, then the Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River are places where you can test your skills. The area of Colorado is surrounded by nature and mountains on all sides from Red Mountain to the north, Smuggler Mountain to the east, and Aspen Mountain to the south.

Lake Tahoe, California

Although Lake Tahoe can be found between Nevada and California, Californians lay more claims on it than the Nevadans. Regardless of this, this lake serves as a major attraction for tourists for both states. It’s a major hot spot for luxury homes.

There are a lot of outdoor activities that can be engaged in when a vacation home is bought here from skiing on the mountains, fishing, surfing, mountain climbing, riding or walking bicycle trails and kayaking, there is no running out of something to do. It’s the ideal place to have a vacation home!